Dealer Section

NEW Subscriber Information, Changes, and Cancellations can be sent to our Central Station using one of the following methods:


  • ONLINE (click here to open web form)


- Email forms to
- Fax to 305-223-5160
- Mail to:

Data Entry
Arco Security Central Station, Corp.
3905 SW 110th Ave
Miami, FL 33165


NOTE:  All subscriber information changes, additions, and cancellation requests will have a processing lead time of 24 hours.  This means that any information submitted will be handled within 24 hours.  New subscriber information will be processed Daily between 8AM and 4PM.  Data arriving after 4PM will be processed the following day. ALL data must be submitted in writing via fax or email.  Please be sure that our central station has the necessary information for new subscribers before the subscriber is activated in the field.


IMPORTANT: New codes issued are now placed ‘out of service’ until the Subscriber information is received.  This means you may use the empty codes for testing, however the code will remain inactive and we will not monitor signals on that account until we receive the complete subscriber information.

Become a Dealer

Download the Dealer Monitoring Agreement and Billing Authorization forms below.  Fill out the forms and return to our office.  We will review the application and contact once processed.